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Peptides play an essential role in the physiological and biochemical functions of living organisms. Peptides possess a variety of biochemical activities. They act as antibiocs, transport metal ions, and function in many other ways. One of their most significant functions is in regulating biological functions and transmitting signals throughout the body.

Synthetic peptides have many uses. Some have pharmaceutical and veterinary applications, either as drugs or drug candidates. A few peptides are used in cosmetics to promote repair and healing of the skin. Most synthetic peptides are used in research though. A few examples of their appliucations include use to determine the specificity and activity of receptors, to map epitopes on the surfaces of proteins, and to develop antibodies for diagnostic or analytical applications.

AAPPTec has over 3000 research grade peptide products. To view AAPPTec's peptide catalog, click here to go to the AAPPTec web site. In addition to catalog peptides, AAPPTec also provides custom peptides. To learn more about AAPPTec's custom peptide services, click here.

Pharmaceutical Peptides

Peptides have several properties that make them attractive drug candidates. They are highly potent, often very specific, do not accumulate in organs and tissues and have very few side effects. However, most peptides are readily broken down by digestive enzymes or are not readily adsorbed through the intestine so they cannot be administered orally. This has slowed the development of peptide drugs in the past, but with new methods of administering peptides such as nasal sprays or long-acting depots, peptide drugs are receiving new attention.

AAPPTec has over thirty pharmaceutical peptides availible. To view the list of pharmaceutical peptides from AAPPTec, click here to go to the AAPPTec web site.

Cosmetic Peptides

Many skin care products such as lotions and skin creams include peptides that promote wound healing and repair of damaged skin. There is evidence that they reduce wrinkles and other effects of aging on the skin.

For the list of cosmetic peptides available from AAPPTec, click here.